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Specialising in the gaming media landscape, we offer an essential coverage monitoring service as well as tailored premium solutions that allow you to easily track and report on coverage for your games. Our team boasts over twenty years of games industry and communications experience and unlike most similar services we are uniquely positioned to understand your needs.

Our primary focus is the ever changing and challenging European media landscape with hundreds of specialist sites spread across a wide range of countries and languages. We monitor Europe’s largest gaming markets (UK, France, Germany, Spain) as well as smaller, emerging territories in order to paint a complete coverage picture.

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We support and work closely with the industry veterans behind Games Press, who provide dedicated press portal services to publishers as well as other effective ways to put press releases and assets at the media's fingertips.

Tomorrow on Steam: new map, new dino, same constant threat of horrific death.
Avast! 'Conquest' update spotted yonder, 4 days away and approaching fast.
Launch happening in ten days, but sadly Melinda Messenger's not in it.
New ranked mode makes having your spine forcibly removed seem like the coward's way out.
Five years and 20 million users celebrated in giant infographic.
Single player campaign currently being worked on, 'First Contact' will be made later this year.
A "steady stream" of updates brings siege engines, shield emblems and monkey tennis. Well, two out of three...
Console shooter developers set for virtual fight to the death for MY.GAMES funding.
Sorry, Apple fanatics, no more 32-bit games for you from Aspyr.
Minimalist 'endless' game should be floating towards your mobile device today.

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Monitor and access coverage relating to your products based on pre-defined keywords

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Create and receive automated coverage reports at set intervals for one or multiple brands

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Options to filter coverage by countries and territories based on your personalised needs

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Our coverage platform can be adapted to your needs whether you are a small independent developer or a large international game publisher.

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Categorize and archive coverage to build your personal library for future easy access to important historic data.

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Enjoy a tailored, personal and competitively priced service where your business size and requirements are taken into account.

"Take control of your coverage and create a library of valuable historic data today." - GIADMIN

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No company is the same. Whether you are a small indie studio, developer or publisher that operates locally or internationally, GIADMIN can tailor a package which fits your goals, needs and budget. Our packages are competitively priced with multiple scalable criteria, and offer maximum client flexibility.

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